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27 março 2006

[idéias] Censura em Maniac Mansion

If you are using Razor or Syd, you can have one of them put the hamster in the microwave and turn it on. The hamster will explode. You can then give the Exploded Hamster to Weird Ed, and he will go berserk, and kill your character. How did this get past the Censors? Either they didn't think to try it, or they tried it, but used the wrong character. The second dupe dealt with a pennant on the wall in Weird Ed's room. It said SCUMM on it, which is an acronym for some kind of system that Lucasarts used to make the text for the game. Nintendo didn't want the word "SCUMM" in an NES game, so they asked for the pennant to be removed. It was and it wasn't. It was just colored to look exactly like the wall tile. If you point the cursor to where it should be, it still shows up, and you can read it. It says, "SCUMM U. RAH!" Since it blends in with the wall, the censors didn't see it and thought it had been removed.

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