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27 março 2006

[idéias] Word's largest fully-functional Tetris game

When it was running, it was also the world's largest fully-functional Tetris game.

Containing eleven custom-built circuit boards, a twelve-story data network, a personal computer running Linux, a radio-frequency video game controller, and over 10,000 Christmas lights, La Bastille transforms Brown's fourteen-story Sciences Library into a giant video display which allows bystanders to play a game of Tetris which can be seen for several miles.

La Bastille opened at 8 pm on Friday, April 14, 2000 and ran through Saturday, April 22. During that week, people and media organizations from near and far came to watch and play. On May 27, hundreds of Brown alumni and students on campus for commencement weekend watched and played Tetris on its last night. La Bastille was put into storage the next day.

When we were in operation, anyone could come and play in person. We were at Brown University and we played from just south of the Sciences Library. Directions and a map are still available.

Fonte: La Bastille


  • At 4:53 PM, Blogger Gustavo Hitzschky said…

    E se fizéssemos algo parecido no prédio da Gazeta?? Já pensou, poderíamos chamar certos professores para se divertirem com os joguinhos super divertidos..."Vc poderia ter feito uma pesquisa sobre Tetris..."


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