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13 abril 2006

[idéias] Video game music: not just kid stuff

Encontrei um artigo excepcional sobre trilhas sonoras de games. O autor não apenas conta a história das músicas de jogos eletrônicos como também compara como os japoneses e os americanos encaram o tema. Para quem tiver interesse e tempo, vale a pena ler. No final ele também lista e comenta sobre algumas canções memoráveis.

In 1982, Clive Davis, president of Arista Records, wrote an editorial in Billboard refuting an industry fear that video games would drive the music industry out of business. The title was "You Can't Hum a Video Game." Although his main point was correct in that video games have not rendered recorded music obsolete, his title was dead wrong. Only three years later, Super Mario Bros. would be released, and its tunes would become ingrained on the brain of every American child to an extent few rock stars could match.

Fonte: VGMusic