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15 março 2006

[idéias] Fãs dizem não ao sepultamento de gêneros

Keeping a Genre Alive
In a Bid to Rekindle the Text-Only PC Games
Of the 1980s, Fans Write New Adventures

You are at the edge of a clearing with an impressive view of the mountains. A trail splits off toward some standing stones to the southwest, while the main road emerges from the forest to the east and continues westward down the hill, via a series of switchbacks.

So begins "A New Life," a computer game created by Alexandre Owen Muñiz, a 31-year-old programmer who lives in Tigard, Ore. Unlike today's hit videogame titles, Mr. Muniz's creation doesn't include splashy graphics or booming sound effects. Instead, "A New Life" consists of nothing more than text on a screen, and a blinking cursor awaiting players' commands.