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31 julho 2006

[idéias] Music For a Tragic Prince

A Look at the Music of Castlevania

By Paul "Wallace" Esch, Instructor of Music Instrumentation, Theory, Composition and World Music.

The Beginning of a Legacy

From bleeps and blips, to full 27-piece orchestra, the music of Castlevania (AKA Akumajou Dracula, which translates directly to "Demon Castle") has celebrated the most dramatic changes in music style, composition, and quality. What has made this landmark series stand out musically from the rest? What are the influences that spawned songs like "Bloody Tears", "Key Largo", and "Vampire Killer"? When did we move from "Video Game Music" into "Art Music", and where is it going from here?

Fonte: Castlevania Dungeon

21 julho 2006

[idéias] To Zanarkand

20 julho 2006

[idéias] Why Videogame Journalism Sucks

Videogame journalists have come under fire for misleading the public, taking bribes from publishers, and hiring uneducated morons as writers. Whether or not this is all true is pure speculation, the type of stuff that sours message boards populated by conspiracy theorists and immature fan boys, but the damage has been done. Want to know why the average journo can't get any respect? It's largely because...

Fonte: GameDaily

03 julho 2006

[idéias] XIII no Brasil

Legal ver que os quadrinhos europeus estão saindo em grande quantidade no Brasil. Um dos lançamentos da nova leva da Panini Comics é XIII - O Dia do Sol Negro, primeiro tomo da série francesa que inspirou o game XIII.

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